Fast Passes and MVMCP

Can you book FP’s for a party between the hours of 4-6:30? Also, anyone have advice on a touring plan for the party? I’ve never been to any party, so I need some advice on what to do and when. Thanks!!

I went to a party in 2016. I’m going again in 2019.

There are a few different ways you can do the party. Will you want to focus more on rides or parades/meet and greets? When we went before, we did things you can’t do during normal parks hours, so it was parades and shows for us. When we go back, it will be the first day in the parks for us, and we won’t be there during the day, so it will be almost exclusively rides for us. When we get later, we might do a few meet and greets, but overall, we will mostly do rides. It will be a way for us to kick off our vacation. Wait times for the rides are significantly less than normal park hours.

Also, don’t forget the hot chocolate, eggnog, cookies, etc.

I think you can schedule FPP before the party.

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Yes, I think we would definitely want to focus on party specific things with maybe ride or two if possible. Mainly, SDT because I was not able to get a FP for it. Should we try to do the rides before 6:30? How early should we try to get a place for the parade?

If you watch the show at Cinderella’s castle, you will be out in the main street area. The parade almost immediately follows, so you’ll already be there. We started getting in place around 6:30 or so.I would recommend doing the rides after the parades and fireworks. The lines after that would almost be certainly walk on by that point. When we go back, our focus will be rides almost the whole show, except for the times we stop to get the “free” snacks.

It’s amazing how they do the snacks. It’s a line that you are walking through and you literally don’t stop walking when you pick up your snacks.

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You can book FP 4- 6pm when the party officially starts. You can fit in 3 if you book 3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30, and then last one will be 5:30-6 (it will book from whatever time you choose after 5 but then end at 6pm). There have been problems with booking party FP when also booking regular park days. Many (including me) have gotten messages saying you overbooked your FP. The problem is usually resolved by calling Disney. Are you also booking regular park days?

They will start letting guests in at 4 or maybe even 15 min before so get there early.

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Yes, I have regular park days FP’s booked as well. None for that day, but I have several for the days afterward. Thank you for your help!

I should have said that you can book FP for the party if you are not using a regular park ticket before the party. If you are using a regular park ticket too then you could book the party ticket on a dummy account and still get 3 FP.
If you are planning to only use the party ticket on the party day then you could use a dummy account to avoid potentially getting a notice that you overbooked FP.
I didn’t book my party tickets on a dummy account though and I did get that notice. When I called the CM I spoke with said that you are entitled to the party FP and helped me out.

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So if I create a dummy account in MDE there will not be a magic band associated with that account. So does that mean I will need to go to Guest Services to get an RFID ticket for the party?

Clever avatar.

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I chose the option when checking out to have the party ticket mailed. Otherwise, yes you will have to go to a ticket window to get the ticket.