Fast Passes - 60 days out

Can someone please help me understand the best way to do this? Do you generally create a TP first and use the suggestions to reserve your FP? Or do you reserve your FP first and then create TP?

We will be doing just 3 of the parks - MK, Epcot, and HS. I was thinking of putting in a few of the same rides twice at MK, like Space Mtn, and Splash. So it kind of plays havoc with the TP. Regardless though, do you put the chicken before the egg or the egg before the chicken? Not sure if you make FP selections first and then TP or TP and then FP selections. Im guessing you have to get your FP selections first?

Are there general recommendations for each park and times? I noticed the TP say 9,10,11 for FP for a few rides and then get new ones at the kiosks.

Thank you.

I usually make touring plan first and see what the recommendations are for fast pass. I try to get the fast pass around those times. Once I get the actual fast pass rides and times, I enter the exact times into the touring plan and make small changes after that. Make sure that you hit “evaluate” on your touring plan as your date gets closer. The wait times sometimes get updated as the date gets closer.

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I agree with jac9014. If you play around with your touring plans it will show you where your FPP will be most beneficial. Your ideal FPP times will depend on many things. Whether you like to avoid backtracking and zig zagging across the park, how many of the major attractions are you trying to fit in. Crowd Level and what you might be able to get a FPP for later. Also how long you will be in the park each day. I’m planning to mainly book all my FPP in the morning, that’s because we’ll be resting in the afternoon, and keeping our evenings light and flexible. However someone who was in the park all day might save their FFP for the afternoon.

Good points.

We are 5 people, 2 adults and 3 kids (12,11,8). Right now, I am planning for full day/all day at MK because we are taking it pretty easy for the whole week and only hitting 3 parks over the full 5 days we are there (2 other days are travel days). Right now, I have MK from 9-9pm, hitting all the major shows and attractions but staying away from character stuff and the offshoots.

I create a TP first and then use it to help determine the best FPP times. See Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for a strategy on how to do this.

thank you all


I put in the difficult to get FPs first - figuring that I can always switch them out for an easier to get FP at a later date, if necessary. The other FPs just reflect temporary plans - and I have changed them frequently as I rethink our schedule.

The very hard to get FPs that I was interested in : 7 Dwarves Mine Train, M&G with Anna and Elsa, Test Track, and Toy Story Midway Mania. (I’m still not able to get the Anna and Elsa for the dates that I want - but I notice that they often become available on the day of - when people perhaps change their mind about what FPs that they need.)

how does it show you what you might can get a fast pass for later? @Tate

You can check on Disney to see what FPP are still available at different times of the day and crowd level.

really? where? I didn’t think we could look at fast passes until we could actually get them.

OMG, I had no idea you could look at that! Now I have yet another site to stalk :smile:

No you’re right on the disney site it only shows wait times. The TP site shows flash shots of FPP available for 1 person, that can give you an idea. I’ve just spent the last 10 mins looking at my bookmarked sites to find where I saw the info. Anyone, it showed the wait time with the FPP availability underneath, i’ll keep looking.