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This is our second trip back to WDW. We are finally day 62 on the countdown board!! It is time for me to make selections. Anyone have suggestions? DD is 8 into all the princess characters and DS 11 into Star Wars. I am trying to figure out the best way to use FP. Favorite parks are MK and Epcot.

Elsa and Anna FP fill fast. Made ours on day 60, wanted to change times on day 58 and NO times were available. I opted for the Belle FP on one day as the wait seemed quite long last year for a short line.

FYI we are going at the end of August which is when we went last year and it is our second trip

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Have you made TPs yet? I found making them first, and then looking for FPs based on that, very helpful. That said, what are you must do’s? If you want A&E - try for it on the last day of your trip, but schedule it first. Same with 7DMT.

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Ok help me out I am new at this chatting stuff. What does TP and A & E mean?

Yes Anna and Elsa will be the first FP for MK. We are arriving 10/10. Pretty excited trying to plan ahead better this time.

TP= Touring Plan
A&E= Anna and Elsa

No worries, everyone here seems pretty nice and helpful


My best advice is play with your TP as much as possible between now and when you make your FPs. Then, do what it says for the FPs. But if A&E are priority, try for that one first thing and plan around it. Same for 7 Dwarves Mine Train.


Will you park hop? If you are, save your fast passes on most days for your second park. (Take Anna and Elsa when ever. You can get it!).

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Thank you

Thanks for the advice. That is what I have been doing all day. 60 day is Tuesday so I want to be able to gather all the FP I can especially A & E. So much planning but I know it will pay off in the end.

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It will!!! Have fun!!!

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Remember, fast pass availability opens at 12 AM. Monday night for Tuesday . I use my phone, but a lot of liners suggest making fast pass and dining reservations on computer.


How many days at what parks?

  • Anna and Elsa (A&E) Meet & Greet
  • 7 Dwarfs Mine Train (7DMT)
  • Peter Pan
    If a second day:
  • Enchanted tales with Belle
  • Splash Mountain
  • Maybe Space Mountain
  • Maybe Buzz Lightyear Spaceranger Spin if you won’t be getting to it until later in the day
  • Try for sign up for Jedi Training Academy at rope drop (no FPP for that)
  • Toy Story Midway Mania (TSMM)
  • Star Tours
  • Tower of Terror
    Well, your only real options are Test Track or Soarin’. I got not good suggestions there.
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7 days in park with park hopper. MK is favorite so I will be attempting to make a visit every day

So, if you go to Epcot orAnimal Kingdom, will you rope drop and go to the headliners early and save your FPs for MK most days? I do that and thenI added a Wishes and FoF FP Ito my plans ( I had multiple FPs of everything elseI wanted to do).

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Where do you sign up for Jedi Training?

Not sure… search the forum and you’ll find the info. :eyes:

ABC Sound Studio

Stupid question but I am on Central Time so I can start at 11 pm my time which would be 12am WDW time?

Not stupid - very important! :slight_smile: Yes you can!