Fast Pass Window Open Early? FL not on Daylight Savings Time?

Today was “Fall Back” for Daylight Savings Time in Michigan. I logged on to MyDisneyExperience for fast passes this morning and when I clicked on the dates page at about 6:57 am, to my surprise, December 5 was already visible! Oh No! I did not get a 7 Dwarfs…wah!

I did get Peter Pan, but dang! Am I losing my mind, or does Florida not observe Daylight Savings Time, or what? This only happens once a year, but when 7 Dwarfs Fast Pass is at stake, people should know!! Oh well, my PTP has our wait at only 24 minutes, so I am not too terribly sad. But really…

Just tell yourself it was already gone anyway. :smiley:

Yikes! They messed up :frowning: FL definitely participates in DST.