Fast Pass Window next week

So next week Monday my 60 Day window opens. When making FP reservations do you recommend selecting an experience by Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or by Select a Time?

I’ll start my search with the most difficult, 7DMT, SDD, FOP for each specific day, then back fill with other experiences. Is that the most effective strategy?


Thank you.

I select a time. Yes that’s the best strategy. SDD or FOP should be the first 2 you go for - probably SDD but it depends on your park days to some extent. Then 7DMT.


^This. Definitely. Go back for the rest to finish filling in your complete day of Fast passes.

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Thanks again, you’ve replied to my other Post as well.

Well, at 60+1 we’ll be at AK so FOP may not offer the greatest choices, but I’m thinking I’ll take what I can get. Then at 60+6 I’m thinking we hit AK again, and Park Hop to MK mid/late a.m.

I’m confident in getting FOP at +6, but wonder if a better strategy would be RD FOP, and using my 3 at MK when Park Hopping? We do plan on visiting MK a couple of times earlier in the week as well, so we’ll have FP those at 60+2 and 60+5.

Just wondering what’s best when Park Hopping from AK to MK?

If it was me and FOP is a must-do I would FP just the one for FOP just in case and then once you have ridden you could get 2 SDFP for MK. Mid/late a.m. I would think you should still have some decent selection at MK, plus you can refresh, refresh, refresh to try to find better ones.

Have you had experience getting SDFP at MK for rides like Space, Big Thunder or Splash? I’m pretty sure Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise would be available, but we would likely want to ride the Mtns if possible.

And yes, FOP is a must do, so if 60+1 is not available, we can always consider RD on 60+1 (EMH 7:00) and then FP it at 60+6 and see what would be available at MK when Park Hopping.


Yes I’ve got all 3 of those same day.