Fast Pass Use


I have read varying opinions regarding times to use FPP. A lot of what I read indicates that I should use the 3 right around 11 or 12 and then request additional ones after the initial three are used. However, I am using setting my plan according to location, rather than the best time for the ride. This means that I am using 1 at 7DMT at 10am and the other two for BTMR and SM in the afternoon around 4pm. We are leaving for a break after that, so I won't be able to get additional ones unless I get them for the evening.
Am I doing this the right way or should I be focused on getting the FPP rides early in the day and then requesting more, rather than trying to keep all the rides in a specific area of the park? -- I almost wonder if I will even be able to really get additional ones for the popular rides later anyway.


Are you returning to the park after your break? If you are you can schedule more FPs if you have the app from your phone in line after you scan your 3rd one. You most likely will not get 7DMT but could get something you would like to do.


We are planning to go back, yes. I have it "planned" for just fireworks, but I imagine we would go back before that. I'm gonna guess that the first day we aren't going to want to be in the pool too long when we have MK at our fingertips...we're first timers, so I'm sure by the second day we will have a different opinion. LOL!


You should be able to get a 4th fast pass you will enjoy!