Fast Pass+ Times in Touring Plan

I created a custom touring plan and put in our date and times. Then, I told it I wanted 3 Fast Passes. It put them in the plan, but it didn’t put them in the times that were recommended at the top. Which is best: going by what Fast Passes are recommened and at those times, or do it like the plan says after optimizing? For example, on Magic Kingdom, it recommends getting a Fast Pass at 9 am for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but in the plan, it put it at 4:30. Thanks.

When they put them in your plan at 4:30, did it give you a message that said something like: this would be a good fast pass?

Yes, it said it would be a good candidate for a Fast Pass.

Then if you have a good personal plan I would try to get the fast passes that work best in that plan. In other words- the 4:30 one. @brklinck is the expert in touring plans as far as I am concerned- so I am tagging him to weigh in.

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I’m not sure what you mean by the times that were recommended at the top. Did you start out with one of the standard plans that has generic FPP recommendations and then convert it to a personalized plan?

At any rate, the optimizer does not schedule FPP reservations - it takes FPP reservations that you specify and then works out the best plan using them (or in some cases not using them if itcan work out a better plan). Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to do this.

Yes, it said at the top of the generic plan that there were certain FP’s recommended with the times. When I customized it, it put them in the plan at different times, so I wasn’t sure whether to go with those. It sounds like yes. I’m just trying to get it all planned out because I get to make my FP selections next week as I’ll be 60 days out. Thanks!

OK, just remember that it is not actually putting FPP reservations in your plan - you need to manually enter the FPPs you want to use and then re-optimize in order to see what the plan looks like using those reservations.

I’m having the same problem trying to put my actual FPPs into my customized plan. I enter them and then when I optimize it changes the time.

It changes the FPP reservation times that you entered in the FPP Options section, or it schedules the attractions in question for times that do not coincide with the FPP reservations?

I had the same thing happen. Every time I optimized, it changed what I had entered in the FPP section to a different time. After correcting it about three times in a row (and cursing at my computer), it finally kept the correct time. It might not have used the FPP at that time, but it at least showed the correct time in the list.

Same thing as Rebeeky said below. When I would optimize my FPP times would totally disappear in the FPP section and would not be incorporated below, I would have to keep re-entering. After having to re-enter about 3 times, it would take the FPP times and then use or give me a message that it wasn’t using them.

OK, now I understand what is happening here, and I had a similar problem with one of my plans. The best thing to do in this sort of situation is con e-mail letting them know the problem and plan URL - they should be able to sort things out so that you can optimize without losing your selections.