Fast Pass the Festival of Fantasy Parade?

I have a 5 year old and 2 year old. Last year, we didn’t catch any parades, so it’s my goal to try our best to see them this time. We have lunch at Crystal Palace at 12:45 and my plan was to watch the parade before leaving the park for a break. Should I Fast Pass the parade to ensure we have a good seat? Originally, I was going to Fast Pass Jungle Cruise for 9, but I can cancel that to do the parade at 3. There probably won’t be much of a wait at Jungle Cruise at 9 am, right?

I’m not sure what the expected wait for Jungle Cruise will be, however, depending on when you go you may want to reconsider the FP for the parade. It’s located in an open unshaded area on concrete and if you are going during the hotter months it can be absolutely sweltering. it’s like standing on a hot stove for an hour lol. If you’re going in December or January it’s much cooler and it is a great spot for awesome parade pictures. But even then when we went in December it was slow enough we walked out of a shop and found a spot on the curb on main street just as it was heading that way.

Since you’ll be done with lunch around 2ish I would recommend strolling over to Frontierland and staking out a good spot with a little shade. Then when the parade is done you can hop on the railroad and ride it back up to the front of the park.

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Thank you!

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