Fast Pass reservation question

I apologize, as I imagine some variation of this questions has been asked multiple times. However, I can’t find clear enough information right now to calm my nerves. Basically, I want to know what day/time I can start making my fast pass reservations.

We are staying off site, and our first park day is Tuesday, August 23rd. I live in the eastern time zone. So, what day/time can I reserve fast passes for the 23rd?

Thank you

If staying offsite you can reserve fastpassed 30 days out so that should be (if my math is right) on July 25 at 7:00 am. Good luck!

When in doubt, use this link:

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You will also have to log in at 7:00 to book each day of your trip.

That’s 7:00 am Eastern Time, right? For some reason, I had it in my head that it was 8:00 am Eastern.

Yes- I always say Florida time so that I won’t be wrong if I forget to say eastern daylight savings time!

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Thanks for the confirmation. It seems like the start times for ADRs and FPPs often change.

So I will need to make sure I’m up well before 5:00 am MDT (7:00 am Florida Time, EDT, or WDWT), so I have time to do my finger exercises to prepare for clicking and typing.


Lol. See, this is why I made this post. The post above says that I can start making reservations on the 25th. The calculator page you linked says the 24th. There’s always conflicting information, which makes it difficult to have any confidence.

If you have a touring plan that shows on your dashboard, you should have a countdown calendar on the left side. You will get a notification from Touring Plans on the day before you can make them, to say something to the effect of “Tomorrow you can make FPP.”

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My post was just my quick counting on the calendar. I would use the computer tool - I’m sorry I didn’t know there was one available.

No need to apologize - there’s a lot of things to try to understand about doing Disney so you can make it a great trip! This site is a wonderful resource.

No worries. I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me out.