Fast Pass+ Renewal

Trying to understand the current state of FP+. Say:

  • Staying onsite.
  • We make our three FP+ selection for the morning and use them.
  • We are bouncing to another park in the evening.

We need to wait until we get to the new park to use the kiosk for any new selections? We can’t use the mobile app?

Yes,that is true. For your 4th plus FPs you must make FPs at a kiosk (although there are inconsistent reports of concierges at resorts making number 4).

Although I always go to rope drop at first part, and save my FPs for the 2nd park when it will be a busier time of day.

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Thanks. We were wondering whether to save the FP for morning or later. Rope drops are our plan.

The issue seems to be if there will be any FPs left at the second park that are worth getting ( usually only yes at MK), and do you really need them at rope drop? I usually don’t use FPs at EP (since the only attraction I really enjoy that needs one is Saorin) but I always use FPs at HS ( since I can easily find three attractions I enjoy that usually have long waits).

That worked great for us. We did a RD at MK and then had FPs at HS for the afternoon.