Fast Pass Recommendations

I am going to WDW December 1-8. This is the first year I have not been able to get my dining reservations for two of my days. I am very disappointed and now I am torn on what to do for my Fast Pass booking. Day 1 at Magic Kingdom we usually like to have breakfast first thing then hop on Peter Pan and Mine Train then fast pass all the mountains. If we aren’t in first thing, what should I fast pass?? Day 2 is Epcot and typically we have Garden Grill breakfast then hop on Soarin’ first thing with no wait but I am scared we won’t be able to this year. Now there is also Frozen Ever After and since it is tiered, I am not sure if I should choose it or Test Track. I have looked at Touring Plans but I just need someone to tell me. HELP!

Did you set-up reservation finder already? In my opinion, it’s much harder to get FPP than ADR. I would set the reservation finder for what you want, pick the FPP that you wanted and wait for the reservation to come through.

As a note: I am starting my trip tomorrow and checking ADR. Even Be Our Guest, Cinderella Royal Table and Beanches and Cream have times for when we are there!

For Epcot: Is your group comfortable splitting up for single rider? How much do they like Frozen? I would pick TT FPP, do Soarin right after breakfast and then do FEA.

The reservation finder might help you snag those reservations, but we have never had a PPO breakfast and have always been successful just rope dropping both 7DMT and Soarin. So, if you are willing to get there early I think you will be totally fine even without reservations.

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The crowd levels on those first 2 days of your trip are projected a 4 & 2 so I think you will be fine. I would go for TT first though because it is often down first thing in the morning.

Dec. 3 at Epcot I show a level of 5/10 and Dec. 4 at Hollywood same thing. I have been several times in the summer and every other time at Spring Break where crowds are really high. I have no clue what it is like to visit when crowds are this low. Maybe some insight, there too, would be good for me. What can I expect with “low” crowds? Has to be amazing!?!?!

We are comfortable doing single rider but we like our pictures together for Memory Maker purposes. Second, third and so on rides would definitely consider single rider! I have reservation finder set up already with touring plans and mouse dining. I have not gotten any notifications except one for hoop dee doo which i quickly snagged. I had hope with it being "lower crowds’ than we’ve ever experienced at WDW my reservations would be easy to snag. We have young kids and haven’t been since Frozen opened and everything I have seen indicates super long waits for Frozen. I reallllllly love our PPO breakfasts but Oct. 1 if I don’t have the reservation I will have to really consider my options.

Our family goes late May/early June so our crowd levels have been anywhere from 5-8 - we did one trip just before Christmas where the last 2 days were insane. Anyway, our last trip(we always do rope drop and eat breakfast bars/pop tarts at the resort) we went right to TT (it was down) then went to FEA and only waited 10 mins and went to Soarin’ after that for another 10 min wait (with extra theatres, Soarin is nowhere like the way it used to be) - it was a 5 CL that day - we went back to TT and we bailed because of the posted 50 min wait because we had FP for it on another day at night. We have always park hopped and used FP for main attractions later in the day. I know some folks like to use them and go after 4th and 5th which may be the way to go for you on lower level crowd days, but we never wanted to take that chance. I would use the plans available because they are pretty reliable.

I’ve always been able to get TT as a day of FP the last four trips over the last 18 months.