Fast Pass Questions

I need some clarification on rules regarding booking fast passes.

#1. Will I be able to book one fast pass for one day and then move on to another day or do I need to book all three fast passes before I can move on to the next day. For example, if I book FOP, can I save that and move on to another day or do I have to book three fast passes before I can save and move on? I’m hoping I can just quickly book all the top fast passes for each day and once secured I can go back and add the other two fast passes for each day.

#2 Do I have to prebook all three fast passes in order to take advantage of booking additional tier 1 fast passes. Say I pre-book SDD at HS and no other fast passes that day. that day finally rolls around, we ride slinky dog, can I then go on to MDE and book and additional tier 1 fast pass for HS or another park? Do I have to use 3 prebooked fast passes or can I just book one, use that one and then I am free to book whatever is available?

Hope these make sense and Thank you!

  1. You can book them in any order you want. You don’t have to book them in date order, either. So, you can book a FP on your last day (assuming you are staying at a resort) and then jump to your first day, etc.

  2. You cannot book additional Tier 1 nor Tier 2 FPs until you have tapped into your first three. Only booking a single Tier 1 FP on a given day will still require you to use two Tier 2 FPs before you can book another Tier 1.

Can your first three all be tier 2?


Thanks ryan1,
1.) I know I can book them in any order, what I am asking is do I have to book all three in order to move on to another day? Can I book FOP for Monday, save it, and move onto another day or do I have to select an additional two fast passes for AK for Monday before I can save them and move on?

2.) In a recent touring plans video for HS fast passes, it was suggested that you would be able to pre-book a tier 1 FP, use that one FP and then you would be able to book any others that were available without having to ride any tier 2 attractions, because there would not be any tier 2 attractions pre-booked for you to use. It was questioned in the comments but never clarified by TP if this was actually possible. The argument was that you have to use all of your pre-booked fast passes before any other tier 1 FP could be booked. If you only have one pre-booked FP (SDD) and no others, you only have to use that one FP, but if you pre-book SDD and two other tier 2 attractions you must use all three because you pre-booked them. So if you don’t pre-book them, you don’t have to use them in order to access other tier 1 FP??

I’m not sure my answers change.

I answered point 1 in my original response.

Regarding point 2, whether there are instances where people have managed to skirt the system, I can’t say…but it isn’t the norm. But be advised that since MK doesn’t have tiers, it doesn’t matter there. But in general, if you only prebook one FP that is a Tier 1, once you get into the park and tap into your FP, you can make additional FPs, but only Tier 2 UNTIL you tap into two Tier 2 selections. From that point forward, you can schedule Tier 1 or Tier 2 no problem.

It is worth noting that even if you do NOT prebook the FPs, you risk not having any FPs available for the rides you want because you are waiting for day-of FPs, after both the 60 day and 30 days FPs have been booked by everyone else. So you likely will lose out on the best times.

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Just to clarify point 1, yes you can just book FOP, move on to SDD in a different day etc. You can go back and book more at any point until you get to 3 per day of course.


And if you intend to park hop, you can just pre-book one or two in park #1. Then on the actual day itself, once you tap into the first one, you can book your second &/or third in a different park.

But to stay in one park and book subsequent FPs on the day, you need to have used three FPs.

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Wait – Just checking to see if I understand:
Let’s say I have two FPPs pre-booked for AK (FOP & KS). As soon as I tap-in to the first (FOP) MDE will allow me to get a 3rd FPP in EP?

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Yes. And it can be a tier 1.


Interesting. I thought you had to use up all three before you could get another Tier 1. Good to know!

Thanks everyone for the help!

Only if you’re making the other Tier 1 in another park.


As @kerrilux says, this is specific to the situation @cpizzulli mentioned where they wanted to hop and get a 3rd FP the second park. The tier are intended to spread the crowds between the most popular rides in the park so when you’re hopping the restrictions don’t apply.

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A different park hopping question. Let’s say I want to RD AK then hop to MK. Can I make 2 FP in MK for the afternoon, and when I enter AK in the morning get 1 FP at AK? I’m thinking RD FOP, and while in line for that try to get a FP for EE.

No you can’t do it that way round.

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Thank you! I didn’t think so, but it was worth a shot.

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@missoverexcited and @kerrilux I apologize for my confusion…Do your answers conflict or am I mis-reading them? I’ll just reiterate my plan here and then you can set me straight.

I plan to visit AK in the morning with prebooked FPs for FOP (Tier 1) & KJS (Tier 2). That leaves one extra. When is the soonest I will I be allowed to book the third FP in my afternoon park? Is there a restriction by tier in the second park (except for MK since there are no tiers)?

There is no restriction by tier in the second park. I believe you can book as soon as you tap into your first FP of the day. Please confirm @missoverexcited.


Yes this is correct. Our answers didn’t conflict at all.