Fast pass question

Is it advisable to use a fast pass if we will be going early ( Disney world) to the park since we are staying on the grounds?

Don’t really need them within the first 30-60- minutes if you are walking into the park at rope drop. IMO, anyway. Maybe it would be useful for TSMM at HS, but I think that’s it. But do try to get them for the 1st half of your day, so then you’ll have the chance to add more after you’ve used the third one. If you schedule the 3rd one late in the day, by the time you use it, they will all be gone and you won’t be able to add more.

Unless I’m only going to be in a park until noon, I rarely get any FPs for before 11:00. I use the lower crowds during the first few hours to do SB rides, and use my FPPs in the middle of the day when lines are typically much longer.

BUT… Others use them early in hopes of being able to get additional ones after they have used their first 3.

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@bswan26 gives good advice here. The very earliest you would need to use FPP is probably 10a.m. if you are rope dropping.