Fast Pass Question - Schedule in the morning or save for afternoon

I am planning on scheduling my fast passes for 9am/10am/11am but a few people at my work just went to Disney and said since they parks are less crowded they recommend not scheduling fast passes until 1pm/2pm/3pm since the wait is much shorter in the morning then afternoon.

Any thoughts on that strategy?


I always schedule my FPs as early as possible (especially at MK) in order to get as many day-of FPs as possible after I used those first 3…


Yes the same as @jflaff. If you only had 3, afternoon might be a good option, but you can get many more than that. And I don’t want to be in the parks when it’s very hot and very crowded.


Whenever possible, I go for the earlier slots. In fact, today was 60 days and I was up at crack of dawn, ready to grab. With only one exception my FPs start at (or near) RD and then one per hour. I plan on grabbing day of as I go along until Disney comes to its senses and cuts me off.


This depends on what you’d like to accomplish. You have to pick what makes sense for you.

Personally, for me, it depends on what my plans for the day are. If I’m going to rope drop, and bug out early, and hop then I’ll do FP for the 2nd park.

If I’m going to rope drop and spend a full day, I might sched my first FP an hour after opening, and back to back, in order to get more fastpasses throughout the day.

If I wasn’t a hopper, I’d generally do early fp’s to score more all day.


We hop, but still use the first 3 in the morning and pick up one in the next park when we’re ready to move on.

I’ve done the same, it just depends on what’s up with the day. My “Best Day Ever” in Nov, was EMM at Hollyweird, then bugging out to MK around 11am on an early closure day. We crushed all of the DHS headliners, and tapped into our 1st FP at the end of the window at MK, modified the next 2, and rocked out 8 or 9 more. At one point we just ping ponged back and forth between Splash and BTMR 2x each right around parade time.

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I schedule ours for 9, 10 and 11 (or as close as I can get. Use the first one just after 9, the second just after 10 and the third immediately after. I can then start looking for 4th straight away. Works for us.

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We do the same as most here. I look for a 9am, 10am and 11am…and even then, once we finish the 9am, I start moving up the 10am and 11am…and start looking for others.


Only time I planned for afternoon FPP was when we did morning at Epcot (PPO Akershus) and planned to hop to HS in the afternoon. Couldn’t get FPP for SDD on Day 2 of trip but had no problem getting it for Day 8.

This worked well for us, still got same-day for TSMM (had to get them one at a time, but got them to overlap).

I would consider it again if I was touring a morning park where I would only spend a few hours and was going to an afternoon park with hard to get FPP.

On our past trips I scheduled them after our mid-day breaks because I knew we would do fine in the morning (and we did) but this trip I am excited to try 9,10,11 and then grab the same day FP’s…I’ve already told my daughter that will be her job…she loves technology I like people watching😀I think the key is a TP, RD, and knowing what are your “must do’s”.

We’ve always done afternoon FPPs because we can get stuff done in the morning, but the lines get crazy after lunch, so fastpasses break that up. But we don’t PH and we leave by dinnertime.

What day of FPPs are you all getting and how does that affect your morning touring?

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We did a mix because we were very limited by mobility. Most days, especially MK, we just did “as early as possible” to get more day-ofs, but at Epcot, we had a very carefully scheduled TP and didn’t want to be going back and forth based on FP demands, so we spaced them out to give us time to do the attractions geographically in between the FP’s.

We’ve done a wide mix for the 14 days I’ve just booked. Where I could get them for the harder FPPs, namely FoP and SDMT those were mid to late afternoon so either we are taking advantage of an EMM and then park hopping to AK, or just spread them through the afternoon at busier times to break it up and will do non-queueing rides or attractions in between.
For the majority though I’ve booked them as close to the 9, 10 and 11am slots as possible and am very excited about seeing how many FPPs we can get - that’s my kinda fun. Alarms set to capture same day passes for the big rides will feature into that too.
Just in case you missed it though let me repeat @FindMeAFishingSpot process that you do NOT just sit back and get to your 3rd FPP as soon as possible, but as soon as you’ve tapped in your first FPP, you get on MDE and try to modify your 2nd one as early as possible, and when you achieve that, you try and move up the 3rd one.
Then, having tapped into the second, you again try to move up the 3rd FPP as early as you can. Then finally as soon as you’ve tapped into that 3rd one you start the hunt for your fourth, and so on. 10 minutes in a fastpass queue is the perfect time to do it, before you’ve even got on the ride you’re waiting for.
I’m intrigued to see just how early I can get those first three done - could be a fun comparison to make with others.

We haven’t been since TSL and Pandora opened so I can’t speak to the likelihood of those popping up same day (other than the drops) but the only 2 I couldn’t get last trip on the same day were 7DMT and PP. But I didn’t try hard. I maybe modified twice. If I’d modified for 10 minutes, my chances of getting them were pretty good.

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