Fast pass question - park hopping

Hi all. It’s been a few years since we’ve been to WDW - we used to go 3-4 times per year. We have a group of 5 adults and 4 kids (newborn to 8 year old age range). We are going to spend a Saturday divided between Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Going on 12/8, we are thinking HS in the morning and Epcot in the afternoon. We haven’t seen the new Toy Story Land, and at Epcot haven’t been on the updates Soarin or Frozen ride.

Question: we can get fast passes tomorrow. Should we opt to just get them all for Epcot in the afternoon (older boys love Teat Track and Soarin) and go to HS for rope drop and try to walk on to TSMM and then Slinky? Wish we could divide FPs among the two parks!

Thanks for any help

Wow, auto correct fail!!


One thing to think about is that frozen, test track and soarin are all teir one, so you will only be able to get one of the above for your fast pass selections. I wish you could split the fast passes between two parks.

We just got back and and we rope dropped slinky dog. We were
Able to do the other two rides in toy storyland immediately after because we were in the front of the pack for rope drop. Touring plans has a you tube video on it. We were on one of the first 3 trains and immediately after we were off the line was posted at 95 minutes.

We did animal Kingdom in the morning with Epcot after because we went last minute and didn’t have fpp for fop or Navi. We rope dropped and it worked great at animal kingdom. We saved all or fast passes for Epcot. Epcot pavilions and traffic were busy for food and wine, but ride times weren’t as bad.

How many days are you going?

We are in the parks for 3 days. AK on 12/7, HS and Epcot on 12/8, MK on 12/9. I picked days based on EMHs since we aren’t staying on site and wanted to avoid.

Good call about tier for Epcot and rope drop for HS. I think we will try that so we can do Slinky + TSMM right away.

Be sure to arrive an hour early as they let you in before official RD. It’s a bit crazy. It was way more insane than RD for FOP two weeks ago, which we found calm and orderly. We were able to ride all three TSL rides in the first hour at HS—nearly got killed by strollers on the mad dash back there but made it out alive! Good luck.