Fast Pass problems

I am trying to book my Fast Passes. We are not staying at Disney resort. Today is the 30 mark. I made passes for the first day of our visit HS. I thought I read that it would let me book the rest of my 4 days as well, but it is only allowing me to book the Nov 9th date. Do I have to login in every night for the next 3 nights to book them? Is this because we are not staying at Disney? Maybe I misunderstood something.

Yes, because you are offsite you have to do it one day at a time. Hope you still go whatever you want.

Got everything we needed at HS. Tomorrow night booking MK…My son and husband are riding the big rides and daughter and I are going for the little girl things. How do you split up booking the passes? FP is confusing. Very last min trip and have not had much time to research.

You can choose between booking everything for the whole party, or just for 2 of you. It might be easier to book everyone for the same things though and then just change two of you to other things by using the change fast passes link. Just don’t cancel anything, that takes away the fast passes and you can’t get them back easily.

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