Fast pass problem

I am all set with my ADR reservations for Friday and just out of curiosity I thought I will check when my 60 day window opens for my FP and I have just noticed that I will be at a wedding all day on that day :weary:HELP what chance will I have at getting FOP and Slinky Dog the day after my slot opens ? We are there for 14 days

Will you be able to log in first thing in the morning before the wedding festivities start? My 60 day window opened on Christmas, but luckily we don’t have any kids so we had no plans for the crack of dawn.


If you’re there for 14 days, you’ll be totally fine for the last 9 or 10. Like you’ll have your pick of the litter. It might be a little bit dicey for the first three or four on SDD and FoP and only the first one or two on other big names like FEA or 7DMT. Other things I wouldn’t worry about at all.


I think OP is in the U.K., so it’s 12 midday when we make them.

@Brindley_family can you get a friend to do them? Or a friendly liner? It took 3 of us to do ADRs for me and my friend during the last couple of weeks working around all our work commitments!


Ah, makes sense!

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‘Does anyone have any objection…?’. Little voice from the back, ‘Yes, it is FP+day’.:wink:

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Honestly I would tuck away to the “ladies room” at 5 til FPP and do the hardest ones. The rest are no big issue to catch later during a break in the festivities.


I wouldn’t bother at all.

They have 14 days to play with. They can get FoP on 3 days, Slinky on 3 days and everything else will be a walk in the park.

Why worry about days 1-4? Plenty other FPs to fill the time!

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Maybe days 1-4 fits in their schedule better for whatever reason

Plus, I’m disney obsessed


Really? I’d never have guessed… :joy: Anyway, aren’t we all?


Yeah, unless you are at the wedding or photos, can you sneak off to the bathroom for 5 minutes? Just do the big ones on the first couple of days and you’ll be fine.

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My sister goes out the week before me for 14 days so she as done most our ADR for us, does this work on fast passes there are 9 of us going so even though my window does not open till Friday she started our ADR last week for my family

Sorry another question will I be able to do all 14 days when my slot opens or is it like ADR you can only do so many days?

You can do your entire stay, up to 14 days, worth of FPs at once. Split stays don’t matter for FPs.

If you have more days onsite, then you can add day 15 at 59 days out, then day 16 the next day and so on.

Thanks for all the responses so if my sister fly’s out on the 14th August and we fly out on the 21st and we are all on her friends and family list would she be able to do my FP on the 14th or would she need to wait till my window opens to do my family’s the week after?

We will be doing
MK day 2
HS day 3
Water Park or Shop day 4
AK day 5
Epcot day 6
Then going to universal for 2 Days then back to Disney to do parks again for our last few days

She’ll be able to do them on 14th but I think only the first week of yours because she’ll already be booking a week for herself. Wouldn’t swear to that though, she might be able to do all of them. If she can get the first week though, you’ll have no trouble getting what you need for the second week.

All depends on whether you have a package or have a room-only plus tickets linked separately.

If you bought them separately, then yes she can book yours for you… but one of her family will need to be in the same FP group as you. (Actually one of them needs to be included in the group for step 1 but can be deleted before confirming the FP).

So therefore, as I think @missoverexcited was referring to, she would need enough days worth of tickets to cover her own plus the days you want them, so that she (or someone in her family) can be selected as part of your FP group.

Also how long is she staying? She won’t be able to book any for you on days after she leaves. You will need to do those ones.

If you have a package, then things get a bit trickier. Your tickets won’t be valid for booking FPs until 60 days before the start of your package. She can still book for you, but not until your window opens.

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Yes I think that’s what I was trying to say :joy: and I forgot about the package part too.

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