Fast Pass Plus and Park Hopping

Okay, my hubby and I plan on going to WDW in mid Nov ( BEFORE Thanksgiving week ) We are planning on spending one morning in Epcot and then take the launch to DHS for the afternoon (including dinner at Mama Melrose’s ) and return to Epcot for the last 2 hours of the day. Can I make one Fast Pass + for Test Track in the morning, one for Toy Story Mania in the afternoon and one for Soarin’ in the evening? No use having park Hopper is you can’t use your Fast Pass +. I realize it says I have to use 3 FP+ BEFORE I can make more but there’s not 3 things we need to see in Epcot that morning ( spending entire previous day there ) but Jeez Louise, with those 2 parks right next to each other, why can’t I spread my FP+ choices out???
If I ABSOLUTELY have to use 3 and then try to get one for TOY STORY MANIA, I can work it out, but it seems like a royal pain. . . . Any suggestions or good news for an OCD Mom-mom?

You are only allowed to prebook FPP in the same park. However you can prebook only one FPP and as soon as you scan it you can book a day of FPP in another park.

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If you’re willing to keep checking MDE, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a FPP someone else cancels to ride most attractions in Epcot or the studios (though, the Frozen ride in Epcot is a tough one to get). It takes a bunch of attention to refreshing available times on your phone, but can be a good way to handle finding a FPP time you want. You’ll be on the boat between parks for a while anyway, so if you don’t find what you want right away, then keep checking during your ride!

Dear Aunt B,
I was kinda thinking the same thing, ‘cause in the UGWDW it says when booking, you can do just one or two FP+ and turn down using the 3rd, so If I just book the one for Fast Track, use it, then I could book the one for Toy Story over in DHS and as soon as we use THAT one, book Soarin’ for last thing in our evening.
Thanks for backing up my preconceived interpretations of the ‘rules’ about booking on FP+.
I’m just OCD enough that I think I’ll like the end results ( beats running around trying to find the right kiosk to get FP, like we had to do the last time we were there ),
And thank you for being so kind as to answer my cry for help . . . If you’re in WDW in the week before Thanksgiving this coming Nov & spot a lady with a MD flag visor - that’ll be me!!! say hi!! and you’ll get a hug!

Dear FlyerFan,
Thanks for answering my little(?) cry for help and I will take your advice about frequent checking, although the crowds during our week down there are not supposed to be that large that it should be a big deal about spreading out our FP+ times.
We’re spending a whole day in Epcot, but the next day were doing Epcot in the AM, DHS in the afternoon and back to Epcot to leave - after one last ride on Soarin’ and Spaceship Earth on the way to the bus. Hence the need for multiple park FP+s . . . I think we’ll be able to do it . . .
Again, thanks for the reply!

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