Fast Pass in Animal Kingdom Group A

Can you reserve group A rides for Fast Pass more than 1 time in the day?

If you mean for your “fourth” and on request, aka did your three and want to get more fast passes, yes after the initial three it’s no tiers - you get one at a time as you can grab them regardless of the ride.

ok thanks!

True. But FOP can be difficult to find as a same day FP.

True but not completely impossible. Saw it once but it didn’t work out for me, but i’m also solo so maybe easier for me. I’m lucky that i my Feb trip I have my AK visits at 60 +4 and 60 +5, other than that lately I’ve been wonder if making it a late night and getting in line just before park close isn’t better than RD.

Though there are 4 drop times! I’ve also got it outside of those.