Fast Pass if OFF-site?

This might be a silly question, but I’m confused about the timing of making Fast Pass reservations given that we are staying offsite at a condo. We will be in the parks Jan 31-February 5. I thought that since you can make FP reservations at 30 days out, that meant that I could make the reservations for our entire trip today (1/1). I was only able to make reservations for the first day in the parks (1/31). Do I need to make each park day’s reservation exactly 30 days before that park day? for example, I won’t be able to make FP res. for 2/1 until tomorrow January 2?

You are correct. You only get to do all your days if you are staying onsite.


Or alternately worded, you can only book the FPs for your entire trip from day one if you are staying onsite. If staying offsite, you have to book them one by one as they each become 30 days out. So offsite guests are 30 days, and onsite guests are 60 days plus.


Thank you for clarifying. That’s what I surmised but wasn’t sure if I was missing something. The UG didn’t say that explicitly, and I haven’t seen it somewhere online (either this website or Disney site) so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something.

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