Fast Pass Groups for HS and Epcot Touring Plans - they look mixed up to me?

I’m new to the touring plans and I’m getting all confused with the way that the Fast Pass Groups are setup in the Epcot and Hollywood Studios custom touring plans. Everything else seems pretty intuitive and seems to be working well for me.

For Epcot & Hollywood Studios, they are sorted into two groups, and I understand I can get 1 fast pass for “group 1” and 2 for “group 2” according to the website’s instructions, but the groups look like they are backwards in the touring plans with the premier group being labeled “group 2.” Am I missing something?


Can you link the page you are talking about?

This is what @kbellwether means

Yes, they are backwards. The Tier 1 options are “Group 2” and Tier 2 options are “Group 1”. Not sure why TP made it this way, but you will only get 2 Group 1 FPP’s, and 1 Group 2 FPP.

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Thanks! I was worried I’d missed something.

Argh. I’ll fix that. Thanks for the note.

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