Fast pass, frozen and epcot

I can’t seem to see any direct answer regarding when to do frozen forever after. Any insight?

Get a FP if you can, otherwise at RD or get in line around 8.45pm.

Welcome to the forum! Are you staying inside and hopefully will be able to get a fast pass for Frozen Ever After? Or will you fast pass another attraction and hope to get on Frozen? If you are not getting a fast pass I would plan on being at the park an hour before opening so that I was in position to get on the ride right at opening.

we’re staying at a disney resort. Would a fast pass be option one for this ride?

Yes, you will need to do an option of a fast pass, and then being in line at opening to cover two of the “big three” (test track, Soarin and frozen). Frozen is the most in demand these days with very long lines and break downs. If it is not working during your fast pass window they will allow you to ride it anytime that day or to use the fast pass on another ride .

does it matter when I fast pass or just whenever I can get a fast pass?

Many people try to create a touring plan and let it suggest times but with Frozen, others may have another opinion but I would just pick a time I know I will be in the park. Since it is a tier 1 fast pass I would get it as early as possible.

I may be “booed” off this forum, but unless I had small children, I would not do this ride (I just didn’t think it was worth it - like Maelstrom with Frozen Characters). BUTTT I did have small children at one time, so I can understand, but DO get a fastpass as soon as you can

I agree, I thought it was absolute crap!

if you love Frozen, you’ll love the ride. If not, then agree - I definitely wouldn’t be waiting in that stand by line.

I would log into MDE and be ready to go exactly at 7am - get Frozen FP FIRST!! then move on to the rest.

I love Frozen but the ride was lacking. I could go to the sing along 2 or 3 times and would love every minute every time, but I won’t do the ride again. However, I do advise everyone to try it once unless they really hate Frozen.

It should definitely be the first FP you try for.

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