Fast pass for wishes worth it?

Are the reserved sections for Wishes fast passes worth it? I’ve seen the show more times that I can count from various resorts and different spots in the park. I’m sure the view is amazing. Can you get there right before celebrate the magic starts, can you bring food and drink, and can you hang out there for a couple minutes while the crowd disperses after the show? or do they make you leave right away?

They are no longer doing FPP for wishes.

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Those areas are now reserved for day-of dessert parties.

Edited to add: I do not know if anyone knows if the old FP section in front of Casey’s is usually open to everyone?

No idea. But we LOVE LOVE LOVE the area behind the hub fence that is just between Casey’s and Crystal Palace (is that where the baby care center is? I think there’s a restroom there too). There’s an island of trees that are fenced-in. Great viewing and fence = nice place to lean or sit :slight_smile:

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It WAS worth it when Disney offered it! There was so much open space in the area. IMO it not worth the Dessert Party $ to have access.

Alas, the fast pass is no more, as @jlyn says.

It was the best use of a fast pass ever. I would do that again in a heartbeat. Can’t understand why they discontinued it.

The other spot I like is on the bridge coming from Tomorrowland.
If you don’t care about the projection show or seeing Tinkerbell fly, New Fantasyland is an amazing area and not crowded.

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