Fast Pass for Kilimanjaro Safari?

Do I need a fast pass Kilimanjaro Safari if planning to do at RD?

Ire you park hopping? If you are, I would save my FPs for my second park. If not, I would save my FPs for later aim the day. You cannot count on getting a 4th FP at AK. You will not need one until after 10 at the earliest.

If you are planning to do the Safari first I would use the Fps on other things for sure. We got one last year and it was a waste. We were there early enough we could hove gone twice before our FP time and had some time to spare.

We were there in early July.
RD - we rode Kali, Everest x 2, then Safari - didn’t need a FP and saved those for our afternoon park.

Another afternoon we rode it with a FP and still had a reasonable wait - so If doing in the afternoon I’d say definitely yes, but I wouldn’t bother using it at RD.

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