Fast Pass+ Fail?

I reserved my FP+ allotments this morning and was more than a little surprised at what was available (or, rather, what little was available). Well over half of my times are after noon and many are after 4pm.

Even more confusingly, when I put them into my touring plans, I found that most of the plans did not use them. My trip is in early December. Most of the crowds are predicted to be 4-6. I’m worried that this is a massive underestimate based on the paucity of early morning FP+. Is the touring plan optimization rejecting FP+ as “Using that Fastpass+ reservation may result in longer waits in line” accurate?

I still need to tweak my rests (travelling with 16 month old) and meals to better accommodate a different set of show times / FP+ times.

I am sure we will still have a good time and that we will see more than we would have without either FP+ or touring plans. I am curious though, has there been any effort to include FP+ reservations to approximate (or perhaps inform) crowd levels?

For example: If the crowd levels are expected to be low, you might be surprised if a large number of users input reservation times in the late afternoon. Conversely: If the crowd levels are expected to be high, you might wonder why almost no one was entering FP+ into their plans and those that did were almost universally in the morning.

I’m far from an expert here, but I’m guessing the touring plans aren’t using your FP b/c you have times chosen that you won’t need FP for? For example, the park will be busiest in the afternoon hours, but your FPs are for rides before 11 am? Or is it possible you are using FP for attractions which don’t really have long waits anyway?

Did you try moving your FPs around? Usually the first choices of times except for Anna and Elsa or 7DMT can be moved to any time you want?

I was thinking the exact same thing as PrincipalTinker… are the times you got after customization, or are they the default times you were presented when first booking FP+?

Two of my TPs did not use my FP+. There was a message at the top of the plan, but I overlooked it the first few times i was working on the plans.

The message did state the TP did not use my FP+ as the plan was better optimized without them.

Occasionally I had to add my FP+ more than once into the TP before it would show up. Hope that helps.

Quite often FPP in Epcot don’t need to be used. The second tier FPP are of little benefit regardless of the time of day and crowd level. It may be that the time it would take you to walk to the attraction with FPP will take longer than the queue length and so the plan will ignore the FPP as it would be quicker without.