Fast pass dummy 3rd choice

Coming in August. On our Epcot day I FP+ mission Mars, test track and then character spot. We will rope drop Soarin. Once we are done with test track will the fast pass app allow me to cancel the character spot and rebook Soarin or test track for later in the day. We may be in the
Aworld showcase at that point and would like to hit a better attraction on the way out ?

Yes, you can change them at any time assuming there is availability.

I don’t believe that you can cancel a fastpass with the online app. I believe that you can cancel ahead of time using the computer and do into the day only having two fastpasses.

You can’t cancel a FP+ but you can switch to another attraction or time if there is availability. The only way to cancel a single FP is in the website (not app) before you use your 1st FP of the day.

Wait, can you change an initial (read: first 3) FP+ reservation to something you already have, or something in the same Tier? For example, I was under the impression that if I used a FP on Test Track, I couldn’t change any of my other 2 to Soarin’ because they were in the same tier nor could I change it to another ride on TT – I could pick up Soarin’ or another TT after I’d used my 3 (if there happened to be availability), but that was it.

Is that not right? If you can switch out those first 3 once you’re in the park regardless of tiering or whether you’ve already done it, that could really change the way I do things!

You can swap your FPs for a different attraction/time but Epcot is a little different because of the different Tiers. I think this is how would work, assuming these are your first 3 FPs:

  1. Mission Mars
  2. Test Track
  3. Character Spot

You can swap Character Spot for anything in Tier 2.
If you want to add another Tier 1 attraction, you can just schedule your 3rd FP for as early as possible - then select a Tier 1 attraction once the time window’s from your first 3 FPs expire.

Yeah, that’s how I always thought it worked – you had to use your three before you could get another Tier 1 or do an attraction twice…

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Gotcha. Thought that might be the case. Guess it’s unfortunate but we will have to wait for the character spot to expire and then schedule a FP+ at the kiosk over by France. Just wanted to get an early afternoon time for either Soarin or TT for when we’re walking out. Might be in our best interest to wait in future world and use the CS FF+ then go to the world showcase.

Thanks for all the help. This site and service is really great. So impressed by touring plans.

Can you not access your web browser from your phone? I was able to open my browser, log on to MDE, cancel a MB ( flew off my arm in Buzz) and then activated a back up MB, while sitting on a bench in MK.

If you’re sure you want to try to get FPPs for both Soarin/TT, then use the web site before you leave to cancel your 3rd FPP, so you don’t have to wait for it to expire. (Or even cancel your 2nd and 3rd FPPs, dash from RD Soarin’ to TT, then go to kiosk right away to see if you can get another Soarin’ or TT… Mission Space isn’t known for long lines). Through the site you can cancel one of your 3 FPPs at a time, thus letting you try for that 2nd Tier 1 FPP earlier.

As an aside, if you’re sure you won’t use it, suggest don’t use “Character Spot” as your throw-away FPP since it’s a highly sought FPP for families with little kids who are too short for almost everything else. Consider Ellen or Figment instead. :wink: