Fast pass drop question

I have been watching the fp updates on my lines app in preparation for my upcoming trip in May.
I am noticing no increase in fp at the times mentioned in the threads…
Is it only certain days that Disney will fp drop?
Is it random days?

You have seen this thread?

There are days (usually at holiday or high crowds) when there are no drops. There might also be days when not all drops take place or some usual attractions are not included .

On the lines app, not the MDE app? I don’t think you’d notice them on the lines app. They last for literally seconds. Shortly before the drop time (on the mde app) start refreshing constantly. They’ll be dropped, then gone on the next refresh.

I believe the reference is to reports on chats (a section of the lines app).

Yes I was talking about watching the fp updates on the lines app

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You won’t see them there. Only on MDE, as @nuclearali said.

I believe @Tturnernd is confirming they are looking for reports on chat.

Maybe they are but they haven’t mentioned looking on MDE at all so it’s not very clear if they actually are.

I thought the response to me made it clear?

It doesn’t make it clear to me. OP says they aren’t seeing the FP drops but the only place they say they are looking is on Lines. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t read it that way. There are loads of reports on chat of people getting them so they are happening, but OP doesn’t think they are? I don’t know.

Ok, I just thought when I wrote

And they said yes, that they confirmed.

I can’t tell who they are replying to on my phone. But your first reply answers their question anyway, so it’s all good.

Hi All,
When I asked the question, I was looking on the fast pass and availability link on the lines app. I can’t look on the mde because I am not there yet. I am looking just as research for my upcoming May trip. I hope that is clearer. I am appreciative of all your comments as it gives me hope that it will be available on the days that I am there. I am going in May and it doesn’t look like it is a high time.

Here is one

Here is the touring plans one

Although, you are referring to the discussion on chat of additional fast passes being added on some days? That happens two ways: 1. The daily fast pass drops, and system wide when hours are adjusted. When is your trip and what are you looking for? What days, parks?

Thanks for that info
My initial question was about same day drops but the link you put from the touring plans was very informative
But scary
I realize now that even booking at 7 am 60 days from my date there’s a good chance I will not get a fp for FOP…!!

If you haven’t booked yet there might be a change in hours after you get your fast passes. Set up a trip on your touring plans dashboard (to get the hour change emails) and watch here and chat!

Thanks for your hopeful message!!