Fast Pass daily additional availability?

Heading down tomorrow morning. Unwisely, I booked 8 nights at the last minute. Will stay at AKL-passholder.

  1. Thought I’d line up a few fast passes. Hah. There are no Fps for anything at Pandora for 8 days.How is that possible? More importantly, I read on the site that additional FPs are released on some sort of regular basis. There was a reference to “7 minutes after the hour” but what day? what hour? Hard to believe that there can be a 2 hour plus wait for anything where crowd size is a “4”. Suggestions. I did ride both attractions during the AP preview, and while they’re nice, they’re not 2 hour nice.


It’s difficult to get FOP at 60 days!! The same day drops were at 11.07, 1.07, 3.07 and 5.07. But it hasn’t been happening consistently since before Christmas. Your best bet is doing it at RD and going straight to NRJ afterwards. There are no drops for NRJ. There will be 2 hour + lines for these rides regardless of the crowd level but everything else will be low waits.

I’d keep looking though, people do cancel them if they are changing park days etc.

If you mean just run the line in the morning, I suspect that is the best shot. I’ve been using the Unofficial Guide for years, but it’s getting to the point where there is no good way. Same for the better restaurants. I used to be able to walk into the high priced ones and get seated on short notice. It’s much harder now.

Thanks for the input.

Yes, RD = rope drop = park opening. Be aware that for Animal Kingdom, you’ll want to be there around 75 mins beforehand, so 7.45 at the latest for a 9am opening. Pandora has been consistently opening early, and the earlier you get there the better. You could be on and off both rides by shortly after official opening. If you arrive at 8.30, you are pretty much guaranteed a 2 hour wait.