Fast pass changes

Once you have made a fastpass reservation, is it possible to change it? I’m not seeing that available on my computer!

Absolutely. You just need to hit modify.

I’m not seeing Modify. What screen should that be on?

On the actual FP. Where you view it, there should be the option to either modify it or cancel it. Either on the computer or on the app. I’d screenshot if I had any :confused:

I can’t pull up my fastpasses. When I try to get back on the park site, it says I’ve already used up my passes. (It does say I can go “back and cancel,” but, again, I’m not seeing where to do that!) Should I call their tech support?

I found it! Thank you!

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I hope you know about the refresh trick! If you want to modify your FP, don’t just choose a new time, see the message that there are none available, and go “oh well too bad.” Push the time again! And again! Every time you press the time you want, availability refreshes, and if you refresh long enough you’re very likely to get whatever you want (sometimes it takes like 10 minutes, so do it while you’re waiting in line for something out). You can also modify to choose another attraction - if something comes up for that other attraction but it’s not the time you want, just take it, and then modify that FP (for some reason I have always found it easier to get a good time if I modify a FP I already have for that attraction - anyone else find this to be true?)

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Does this trick only work same-day, or can I try to modify now?

You can modify anything you currently have, so refresh your heart out while you wait for your pasta to boil or something :slight_smile: