Fast Pass changes question

So I read that we no longer have to choose 3 FPs at a time (it won’t automatically sign you up for a 3rd). What benefit does this have? Does it change the other restrictions at all? (3rd has to be in the same park, 3rd has to be different from the other 2, etc). Or is it just to give people time to think of a 3rd? Or perhaps wait and see if a new ride is open by that time or something?

I am 10 days from FP assignment so I want to make sure I have crossed my T’s and dotted my i’s and all of that!


I think the benefit remains to be seen. I would plan on booking all three for the moment until we have more info. Now that you can cancel one without cancelling the other 2 if there is a benefit that reveals itself you should be able to make that change later on down the road.

The change is supposed to happen on Sunday (April 10). Fortunately for you, that is before your FP window opens. We won’t know anything for sure until then.

Just speculation on my part but wouldn’t the requirement to not book 3 free up other attractions that people don’t really want a FP+ for. It just seems to me that if people are being forced to book something like Dumbo when they don’t really need it would potentially free up those FP+ times for people who are actually looking to book it.