Fast Pass Cancellation - clear things up for me?

I have all my ADRs, all my FPP are set, and I’m at 46 days 'til take off.
Time to stress about the details.

When I am in park, if I cancel a FPP reservation, can I make another to replace it, or do all three need to be gone before I can make a new one? So for example, on my fly-in day I have Meet Cinderella and Elena, Space Mountain, and Peter Pan FPP, in that order. If for some reason we don’t want to do Space Mtn, let’s say, can I replace that FPP in-park, or do I have to wait until Peter Pan is used/expired before getting a new FPP?

Thank you!!

You can modify an existing one to something else, but I think you have to do that before the expiration time of the fp.

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^^ What he said. You wouldn’t cancel and replace, you would modify the existing one. You are better off deciding as early as possible if you want to modify so the most options are available.