Fast Pass- Approach by Priority, Day or Combo?

I’m sure this question is asked frequently but I don’t see any recent questions or comments around this specific question.

Which is a better approach-

Prioritize Rides, regardless of park or day, and go down your list one by one to try to snag each one at the time you want it.
(Con- you’re jumping around in the fast pass selection system from park and day) (Example- Slinky Dog 9am Weds at HS, Peter Pan Thursday at 10am MK, back to Star Tours at 11am on Weds at HS, Soarin at Epcot on Friday at 11…etc

Try to get passes for one park, same day, then move on. (Example- Magic Kingdom, Day 1, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Big Thunder. Animal Kingdom, Day 2, Slinky Dog, Star Tours…etc.)

On one hand, I can see the jumping approach as to better your chance to get the passes that are your top priority. I can also see doing it day-by-day and by park according to crowd levels.

Crowd levels for our trip for MK and EP are like a 1-2, very low. AK is a 3 and HS is a 6. And we’re planning, lord help us, a 6am rope drop for HS to experience SWGE. Yup.


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It is a bit more tedious, but I like to snag the hard to get FPPs first and then go back and get the other two for each park by the day. Does that make any sense? I typically book SDD first then FOP then 7DMT and then a tier 1 at Epcot. After those are done I go back and fill in the other two FPPs at each park.


Yes, I see that you are saying and that is how I currently have my list set up. Some of the 3rd fast passes for each day are ones that would be nice to have, but I’m not doing to cry if I don’t get them. Plus, as I stated, the crowd level predictions are so low for some of the days, it only makes sense to aim for those harder-to-get passes on higher crowd days. Thank you!!


The other thing is to try for the harder to get FPPs later in your trip (so not day 1 or 2).

I agree with this approach

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I agree with this too.
Once you do these high priority ones, getting others when you need them is super easy.

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I haven’t done this in a couple of years, but is it convenient enough to book all three (including two placeholders) while you’re doing the priority FP, but then going back to modify the other two placeholders? Or are you only selecting one at a time anyway so it doesn’t save any time?

You are only selecting one at a time. What adds to the time is switching days and parks–it’s pretty quick to stay on the same day at the same park, but doing this could mean losing one of the very popular FPPs at a different park.

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