Fast Pass and Touring Plan help for last minute ONE Day TP for MK on 3/14/19

Would love some input and help on putting together a TP and selecting FPP. I feel a little out of my league on a last minute plan! We’re normally planned out well in advance, and are there for more than one day. We love rope drop and hitting it hard in the morning, taking a break mid-day, and then returning to saunter our way around in the evening wherever the wind blows us. But that’s how we tour in normal WDW vacay mode and this is not that! :joy: Is it reasonable to even try returning to the hotel (DS area) when we’re only there for a day???

We (DH, DD-7) are not trying to do everything, but would like to do as much as we can before we return for a full week the last week in October '19. DD has never been to WDW, so this will be the first exposure for her.

Anyway, I’ve tried creating a plan that allows us to do 7DMT first (at rope drop) as there are obviously no FP left for this short notice. It keeps wanting to put it at the end after park close. Is that due to the data for the day by chance??? Any advice on what settings I should use to create the plan? I have no idea which fast passes to get, but was pleasantly surprised at how many (even morning) FP were still available. I currently have set aside a FP for SplM (9:05-10:05), PotC (10:05-11:05), and Under the Sea (11:20-12:20), and we’d like to see any evening shows. We will also be trying to get a DAS for our DD’s Sensory needs.

If it’s helpful, here is a list of things we don’t feel the need to do this go-around:
-Casey Jr
-Aladdin’s Carpets
-Country Bear Jamboree
-Hall of Pres
-Mad Tea Party
-Pete’s Silly Sideshow
-Tomorrowland Speedway
-Tiki Room
-Most meet-n-greets as we will have just completed a DCL earlier that week (unless time allows)

Thanks in advance for any input!

I would either put in a break first thing in the plan or include the welcome show maybe, that will show the plan that you are inside the park instead of arriving right at opening time. That might get you a better idea of 7DMT if you are going to be there well before RD.
Also keep trying for a FP for 7DMT. I was able to pick one up for Spring Break last year around 10-14 days before we went. People change their plans all the time must be persistent with checking.
Under the Sea is usually easy to pick up after you have used your 3rd FP in my experience. So I don’t know if I would do that one. Maybe try looking to switch if for Enchanted Tales with Belle?
Are you interested in BTMMR at all or Jungle Cruise?
I have no idea if any of this will help, just throwing some stuff out there.

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It sounds like you keep Optimizing. You can move 7DMT to your first attraction, than hit Evaluate as that will keep it at the first things you want to do. your FP for Under the Sea, I think you can get away without having that one and look at getting one for Jungle Cruise… Keep looking for a FP for 7DMT, as someone can drop them.
As far as breaks, well that does depend on your DD-7. She might need one or might not. Sometimes, sitting down to eat can be enough of a break.

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Thanks for the info! We are interested in both BTMRR and Jungle Cruise.

She would benefit from a break, though could likely easily pass out at Hall of Presidents easily enough, haha!

I would put the try the attractions in this order, 7DMT, BTMR, Splash PofC, JC.
I did that and this is what came up
Ride Arrive Time Wait Time ride Time Walk Time
7DMT 9:09am 34 3 10
BTMR 9:56am 7 7 2
Splash 10:12am 2 18 4
PofC 10:36am 4 8 2
Jungle 10:50am 35 8 10

What I would do is try to get a Jungle Cruise FP.

Hope this helps.

Oh forgot to mention, we will be at MK on this day and spending a good bit of the morning in Frontierland and Adventureland.


Thanks for the tips! I was able to trade Under the Sea for a BTMRR FP for 11:40. I snatched it up before I saw this reply as it was the only morning FP. So currently FP are Splash @9:05, PotC@10:05, BTMR@ 11:40. Would you dash over to Jungle Cruise after PotC or still try to get FP for it?

I would keep trying. You could try to make a TP with the rides in the order I have and then also make one with the times you have listed
If you do that, you will be going back and forth some. It also puts you on the last ride a bit later, due to the FP you have for BTMR at 11:40. the way I listed them earlier, has you done with all of them before you would even get on BTMR in the way they are listed here.
Another idea is to keep the rides in the order and add BTMR again, so you could ride it 2 times, one as the 2nd ride and again after PofC.

Play around with it and see if you like that.
What I do is play around with the order and see what I like.

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Does getting a breakfast in the park help us at all with getting to 7DMT before RD crowds?

Drat! I almost snagged a BOG Bfast reservation for 8:00!

Also, I’m wondering if there is a way to keep checking for FP as you suggest when you already have 3, without having to surrender one of them potentially? TIA!

Yes you just have to modify an existing fastpass. Just don’t click save or whatever it is at the end unless you want to replace. I find it easier to modify on a browser and not on the app. But just personal opinion.

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Yes, the breakfast can help you because you could be right at the front of the line before the crowds come.

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You have to keep checking and you would have to try to modify one of them.
Another thing, you can not get a FP that is less than an hour from one of the other FP.

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Well, I’ve managed to snag an 8:45 am breakfast at the Plaza. I’m not sure that’s going to help us unless we get there early, they seat us ahead of our reservation, and we eat REALLY fast…but I’m going to keep checking I guess. Any thoughts?

I don’t see that helping you in any fashion as the the park would have RD at 9am. Getting a BOG 8:00am would be the best, even maybe about a 8:20 would work.

That’s what I thought too upon further reflection. Thanks again @davidjjenkins1961!

How does a BOG reservation work with it being a QSR for breakfast? Can you get there earlier? The earliest reservation I’ve gotten so far is 8:30 for that using the TP res finder using a 7:30 search. Maybe I should try again with a 7:00? I wish you could have it search on the quarter-hour.

BOG, even though a QSR for breakfast and dinner still would be a place you want to get an ADR for. If you pre-order, you can get your food fairly quickly and then head out to get in the line for where you want to be at. If you wait to order til you get there, it will end up eating up a lot of the time you could save and end up out back ready to go. I have done the breakfast here, and if you pre-order, can be in and out in under 30 minutes easily.
I love the reservation finder on here and I also will keep looking on MDE to make or change the reservation. If the park RD is 9am, an 8:30am ADR for BOG with the pre-order, should work if you don’t take your time while eating. An earlier ADR would give you time to look around in BOG, which if you love Beauty & the Beast, you will want to do.

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Thank you for all of your help @davidjjenkins1961! This is (hopefully, lol) my last question! If you could get an earlier ADR, even if it’s at another location such as the Plaza or Crystal Palace, would you take it? Say between 8:00 and 8:15 or keep BOG and proceed with pre-order and early arrival?

That I don’t know, as I am unsure if you would be able to get back into the Fantasyland before RD at the Plaza or CP.

I think I would keep trying to move the BOG to earlier and do the pre-order and early arrival.