Fast pass and ticket question

I have bought my tickets. Bought from Disney directly. I have made fast pass reservations. Do I need to link ticket numbers to the fast passes for them to work in the park. This is my first time using the new fastpass plus system. I don’t want to end up in the park and not have anything work.

If your tickets and your fastpasses all show up on the My Disney Experience page under your name, you will be good to go! It will all be linked to the magic bands under your account.

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Do you have magic bands? If you do they are all linked to the magic bands. If not, you will scan the ticket at the fast pass scanner.

We do not have Magic Bands. We are staying off site. The fast passes show up for each person’s name linked to them but the tickets do not show up. Should I enter the numbers on the tickets just to be sure.

I’d click on link tickets, enter the numbers and see what happens, if you can book FPP your tickets must be linked, prob just a glitch that they aren’t showing.

I agree it is a glitch. You cannot make fast passes without tickets so they must be linked.

My daughter and I had tickets and FPP reservations for our trip in February- we didn’t have Magic Bands until after we got there. The CM can link your ticket to a band if you choose to buy them while there. But if you registered your tix on MDE and you have FPP reservations, they should be there regardless of bands.

Thank you everyone. It must have been a glitch. Last night my tickets suddenly reappeared. Just my planning self worrying about the little details.

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