Fast Pass and Shows

While creating plans, I have noticed a few optimized plans suggest Fast Passes for shows - like the Lion King or Frozen Sing-a-long? I will be going on days with predicted crowds of level 5-6. Why would we want a Fast Pass for a show which has set times? Do the shows sell out? Are the seats that much better if I get a Fast Pass?

Thanks for any information.

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If crowds aren’t bad I would t waste a FP

I also would not typically use a FPP for a show. Especially Lion King, and especially on a 5-6 day.

We got seating closer to the front with our Frozen FP, but I’m quite sure it would have been just fine without the FP. I only got it because there was nothing else we needed and it was a must-see for my 4 year old.

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I’m also wondering about this. Does it mean you can troll up with less of a lead time and still get seated or just that you need to be there ahead of time but get better priority seating?
I’ll be in HS on a Crowd 8/9 day and am wondering about using a FP for Indiana Jones (at at 14.00) and Frozen Sing Along (at 18.30).

Both, sort of.

Theres a separate FPP entrance line and those folks generally get ushered in first and to a specific area in most theaters, so your FPP kind of holds a spot in line so you can arrive “last minute”

Indiana Jones has a huge theater. We arrived last minute NO FPP on a high crowd day (I think an 8?) and we got seats that were just fine. No bad seats there.

Thanks @OBNurseNH but does that mean that if you roll up after the standby queue has entered you’re sunk or does the specific area remain set aside for FP+?

Thanks for replying!

I agree. It was my question initially. I have now been to Disney World and observed. A FP would have gotten us better seats at Indiana Jones - but all the seats are decent. I would only use FP for shows if there weren’t other FP that I wanted.

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