Fast pass advice for plans

I followed your plan and booked the fastpasses at the times you recommended but afterwards your plan did not use them and said it was not beneficial to use them. I’m confused, if that was the case, why did you have me go through the trouble of booking them?

You’re in a forum for users of TP to discuss planning, you’re not talking directly to the people who run it. If you want to do that, you can email

It’s possible that predictions have changed since you did the plan that suggested those FP. If the plan isn’t using them, you have 2 options. You can modify them to rides that look like they have longer waits. Or you can tick the box to force the plan to use the ones you have - I think it’s under advanced options.

If you tick the box to publish your plan, an URL will appear on it that you can copy and paste here and maybe we can give you some advice.


Maybe this link will help with using FPP in your touring plans…