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This is a fairly vague question, so I’m not expecting entirely detailed answers. It seems like some of the waiting and optimizing of plans hinge on if you are able to acquire specific fast pass rides. Assuming you schedule these 60 days out, how hard are getting fast passes, more particularly for the hotter attractions like frozen, seven dwarfs, enchanted tales ect…?

If you are on top of it at the 60-day mark, you should be able to get FPPs for the popular attractions. You might not get them for the exact times that you would like, but you should be able to get some nonetheless.

Of course, the longer you wait the less the chance that you’ll be able to get them - especially 7DMT and FEA. I’ve heard these run are gone pretty quickly

I have been checking periodically for the last 2 weeks, but not consistently.
At 60 days, you shouldn’t have too many problems. You should be able to get everything you want within a few hours of your planned time. Don’t delay though. 7am! :slight_smile:

Day off fast passes go quickly for BTMR, ETWB, Ariel, Cind/Elena/Rap/Tiana, PPF were all gone by 11am. Meet Mickey and 7DMT were not available day of starting at 8:30. I checked on 13 Feb, which was a CL 6 day.

we have reservations for belles round table at 8:25 so getting there first thing to ride specific rides relaly isn’t relevant being well be at that breakfast until 9:30 to 10:00. SO my first FP at MK I’m shooting for 7DMT, ETWB, and I haven’t quite figured out if I should burn my 3rd pass on space mountain or not. Suggestions?

I would see what you are able to do on FP day. If you can’t get an early 7DMT, then I would take whatever time I could get and then do the following:

Pre RD reservations are let into the park at 7:45 am. I’m also told that BOG seats people with Pre-RD reservations as First Come First Serve. I would pre-order. Get to MK at 7:45. Make it to BOG by 8:00. Get out of there by 8:45 and hit 7DMT or PPF without Fast Pass before the RD crowd gets there. I will be trying this late April as I don’t expect we’ll be getting a FP for 7DMT since we are off property this time. Ping me after 22 April if you are curious to know how it worked out :wink:

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goodness I meant cinderellas round table breakfast reservations.

and our reservations are set at 8:25 so I’m hoping we can get in and sat down earlier but I’m told its like a 60-90 minute ordeal

also I’m glad you brought that up. Where do you enter the park if you have breakfast reservations? Will buses run early enough to get us there by 7:45?

The wife and I were on a NYC getaway when our 60 day mark hit, so I didn’t even TRY for FPPs until somewhere between day 50 and 55, I can’t remember exactly. I had no trouble getting any FPP I wanted - FEA, 7DMT, TSMM, SM, ETWB, PP, all the usuals. I switched around times often as I made my TPs - some of them didn’t seem to become completely unavailable till after the 30 day mark. :slight_smile:

Dinner is a 60-90 min ordeal. We spent 90 min last year when we factored in the wait time to see the Beast. Since breakfast has no character meet, I’m told it is in and out as long as you pre-order your food.

Thanks to this forum, I’m being told the ADR entrannce is over by Sleepy Hollow.

We stayed at POP last year - buses were running between 6:30-7:00 (don’t know exactly). If in doubt or have concerns, take a taxi - they are always on stand by. To get there by 7:45, I would plan on leaving the hotel by 7:00, personally.

We just booked our FP at 60 days out. Got everything we wanted within an hour of what we planned.
One hint I found out by trial and error ; After you book your FPs, if there are any times that you are not happy with then go back into your ‘My Disney Experience’ and try to alter your FPs.
It seems to give a lot of different times that weren’t there on the original booking. So I was able to tweak all my bookings to match even closer to what I planned.
Hope this helps.

I also found this trick. Thanks for your sharing ~:grinning:

Side note - I find it easier to do FP on a computer than I do on the phone App.

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