Fast & Furious: Supercharged

Has anyone heard anything more specific than spring 2018 for this new ride? Have a trip scheduled for early March and an wondering whether to include it in my plans.

This is the most recent thing I have seen, and unfortunately, no more specific date. Our family is planning a trip next year, mostly to see this, so I am keeping an eye on it as well. But we are planning for late August.

Nothing specific, but I’d be surprised if it’s running in March. If anything, it would be a soft open where you could expect it to be down frequently as they make adjustments. @rebeecky, I would think you’d be fine in late August.

I’m sure I will be. That’s why I chose a later time in the year. Hopefully they will have all the kinks worked out!

If it is anything like USH then the ride is already perfected and not really new. I would think it would open early in the year

Has anyone heard anything recently about when this will open?

There has been no information yet.

Thanks. I was hoping they would have some updated information on when it would be opened. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! For those who rode it in USH, which ride does it most compare to? I get motion sickness, and would like to be prepared how jerky it is to other rides.

I called RPR and they think August now. We are going in March too. :disappointed:



The hotel staff does not know attraction openings, it has not changed from Spring 2018.


Let me clarify Joe. The general manager of the resort knows it’s not going to be open in March and projects August as what I’ve been told personally.


I have quickly learned that Joseph Matt is someone I can learn from Universal Orlando Resort | Blog


I’m holding strong to this. Our trip is in August and the main reason we made it later was to be sure the ride was open and some of the kinks would be worked out!

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I understand that, but hotel staff just don’t have the information to predict when attractions open. The ride is running with invited guests, it’s done. While there has been some last minute issues it’s nothing new. I expect guests will be on it within a month.


I just need it to be running for the general public by the last week in June!

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