Fantasyland Early Morning Magic, Ariel & Merida or Mad Tea Party & Merida

We have tickets for Fantasyland Early Morning Magic (not extra magic hours). My plan is to ride SDMT multiple times, Peter Pan and Adventures of Winnie the Pooh once each. Would like to see Merida and Ariel before eating at 930-945 or so since the buffet at Pinocchio Village Haus ends at 10. my goal is to leave MK by 1030 to make a FP+ at Epcot.

Edited:: Maybe Mad Tea Party at 9am to ride with Alice and Mad Hatter, then Merida. Skip Ariel.

Is this feasible and if so, how would you proceed? We have 5 kids, ages 3-11, 2 girls, 3 boys.

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It’s completely feasible. We have done EMM and there really are not that many tickets sold so it’s easy to do the attractions many times. I would say though everyone pretty much everyone heads to 7DMT first. We did the same thing and had to “wait” about 7 minutes which isn’t a big deal, but then we went and did the other attractions with 0 wait and went back to 7DMT. By that point there was no wait at all. We rode 7 times in a row–at one point myself and my 3 children were the only ones on the ride. It was awesome. And the park still wasn’t officially open. Bottom line–ride PPF, Pooh then 7DMT as many times as you want. Shortly before park opening head over toward Merida. After meeting her head to Ariel. You should be finished and still be able to make it to the breakfast buffet. Have fun!


Second thought, Mad Tea Party at straight up 9am, then Merida… is that do-able. Maybe skip Ariel to hopefully ride with Alice and the Mad Hatter?
We come yearly so trying to get experiences that my 5 typically dont do.

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I think that is doable too especially since the tea cups are right by Merida’s meet and greet. And that would be so fun to ride with Alice and Mad Hatter–that’s something I’ve seen photos of but never done.


EMM question…my DD has an 8:00 appt at BBB on a EMM day. DS and I are planning to watch my DD and the get in line for rides. Are we going to need to wait until 9:00 to ride or since they will be running early…can we get on rides before 9:00?

The day we went to EMM I noticed they were not letting people without an EMM wristband into the line until 9:00. So my thought is no they won’t let you ride early.

Thank you…i assumed they would have some type of process in place. But worth the question. We will at least be able to be right there before RD crowds get back. Thank you for the information.

You will and that is helpful especially if you are headed to 7DMT or PPF.