Fantasy land and storybook circus to close at 5 today

WDW magic just posted early closing for fantasyland and storybook today. All rides closing at 5 rest of park still 7. Hope this helps those on site.

Looks like there’s a tornado warning in effect until 8pm. That could be the reason.

hi @DarthDopey its to start prep for the private event tonight. IAAPA Attractions Expo . Think its crap that they don’t announce this sort of thing until the day of. The park closing at 7 for Expo was made public knowledge a while ago but no mention of FL closing 2 hours before rest until 10 this morning. I would be unhappy if I was at MK today and I didn’t know about it in advance.

@mumcalsop I read the announcement somewhere on my FB feed yesterday. Still not much advance notice though.