I’ve never seen Fantasmic so I think I would like to see it this time. Countdown is 20 days!! Can anyone give me tips on when to arrive, etc…any advice would be greatly appreciated!

We love Fantasmic! If there are 2 shows that night, the second one will be much less crowded. If going to the first show we like to get there 60-90 min before show time. We usually get our seats then I’ll head up to the concession stand & buy snacks/food/drinks and that’s our dinner.

It may be fully booked for your date, but I highly recommend the F! dining package. You can show up MUCH later and still get a good spot! Worth looking into. I loooooove Fantasmic! Keep in mind that the first few rows CAN GET WET! DSis9 and I got drenched last time by a rouge blast of water while everyone around us stayed dry!

The second show is usually less of a wait for your choice of seat…15-20 b4 it starts.