Fantasmic with no FPP or Dining Package?

Hi all, we are thinking about doing Fantasmic without the dining package this year as we have seen it before (DDs have seen it once and Me and DH have seen it twice). We thought that we could try going early and taking snacks with us rather than spending the time having lunch/dinner. Has anyone else had any experience with this and how early should we go (or is it not advisable)? Thanks.

I’ve only ever done a “walk up” for a second show. I got there 20 min before showtime and got a great seat. A lot will depend on crowd level and number of shows. High crowd, 1 show, I would guess not LESS than an hour before show time; maybe as much as 90 min.

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Thanks for your reply @bswan, it has been very helpful. I might keep our F! dining reservation at MM as DD8 has specifically requested to see the show again and its a CL6 with only one showing of F! at 7 pm, and a Saturday (3rd Dec) so I guess standby is going to be busy and chances of seats not too far back are not good, even if we wait 60 mins.