Fantasmic! With... Governor Radcliffe?

Ok I know it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen it but is the Play Disney app correct: did they really switch it to Governor Radcliffe and the Englishmen v Native Americans?

The last time I saw it, 2018, it was that way. I like the spectacle and pageantry of F!, but never understood the “story” they are trying to do. It’s very disjointed - IMHO


Interesting. I don’t remember that part at all.
Just a cornucopia of villainy and Sorcerer Mickey… :thinking:

Yeah… John Smith swings around like Tarzan kicking solders as they fire on Natives.

I prefer DLR version personally

Ok I’ll bite.
What’s the difference?

I’ve never seen the WDW version but I’ve heard it’s better at DLR. The story is Based on Sorcerer Mickey. I don’t recall anything about Pocahontas in it. Maleficent as a dragon is the villain.

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Sounds like the version of F! I saw in 2000 at WDW.

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