Fantasmic Rumors?

Curious if anyone has heard any rumors of things changing with Fantasmic. I’ve been waiting to book the VIP viewing party since August when they normally would have gone on sale for our Feb. Trip ( sometime Aug-beg. of Sept.). Still nothing, wondering if perhaps they are doing away with this as well?

The new price release includes it in the pricing. They were very late releasing it the last group of dates. IllumiNation’s dessert party has not been released yet too. I am waiting for February too!


There have been “rumors” on other forums of an updated show for years, but there have been no indications that it is imminent. There have also been rumors of possibly adding a daytime show of some sort in that venue. But I’ve heard nothing about F! Going completely away.


Thanks all! Just really difficult getting excited about this trip when everything is changing left and right and I feel like HS and Fantasyland is going to be one giant boarded up background after another. So when these aren’t being released I feel like it’s just another shoe to drop.

And I think they have too much going on right now to put that into refurb. They need to get SWGE up and running first and foremost.

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There has been a refurbishment frenzy at DLR. Many are speculating it is in preparation for the Opening of SWGE and the crowds that will come with it. I am wondering if maybe WDW is taking the same approach?

WDW have apparently just woken up to the fact they need to do more to DHS, once SW:GE opens. There are plans, although nothing is green lit. But it seems there could be further changes.

The problem is whether they will just replace existing stuff or actually build more capacity. It’s easy enough to create a couple of new shows, but will they have the nerve to extend again and do something worthwhile?

I mean, I miss the animation studios, but I know they won’t come back. So why not demolish it once they close Launch Bay and do another mini-land back there? Even connect to the back of RnR, as the original plans were years ago. We could have had a Toon Town with Roger Rabbit . … (_sign) _

They may bring the Star Tours re-do forward. Or do something with the Echo Lake area that was originally going to be the Star Wars Land. But that means bye bye Indy. :sob::sob::sob: Although I could even live with that if it was for a proper Indy ride.

Right now, anything is possible. But not until SW:GE opens. And before that we’ll have the Runaway Train Ride and the Lightning McQueen show thing - I still don’t really get what it is though.

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My guess is they will be focusing on more shows (an easy holding pen for the crowds, ie the rumors of a daytime show in f! Theater). HS advantages are the larger Parker bigger pathways. DL advantages is the higher number of attraction to divert crowds. It will be interesting to watch the two parks and how the adjust to this game changing land!

I just booked the dessert party.