Fantasmic/Rise of the Resistance

We are heading to WDW in late March. Our HWS day is showing a closure time of 9:30. If we do the Fantasmic show at 8:30pm - would we have time to get in line for Rise of the Resistance before the park closes?



Yes, you will. Just plan to walk with purpose and hopefully not need any restroom or snack trips. Sit towards the top of the auditorium if you can to get out ahead of the crowds.


Thank you! I thought so as I googled the show length, and it said 28 minutes. However, I have read it can take a lot of time to get out of the area so I figured I would ask!

I have been trying to get a Fantasmic Dining package (have dining alerts up and everything) but I don’t think they have been released yet for our time which is really starting to bug me! I have been checking all included restaurants every day like a crazy person!


We did just what @melcort10 suggests. We had an aisle seat. When the boat passed us, we were out of seats and we did see the very end with Mickey. We were out of the auditorium ahead of the majority of the crowds, and even with a stop to pick up our stroller, we were at the entrance to ROTR at 8:45. (8:00 Fantasmic, 9:00 park close)


Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Approximately what was your wait time for Rise?

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We had a LL so it was fast. I’ve got a photo of the pre show around 8:50.

But - earlier that week - it was a CL6. We got in line at 8:10ish and it was 31 minutes. We popped back in line at 8:50 (I think Fantasmic crowds jumped in) and it was 38 minutes.


About two weeks ago we squeaked into line right to the second of closing. Very rare picture of an area that is usually packed!

Ready to go to their room at the end of the shift!