Fantasmic reopens but no hours listed

Yesterday it was announced that Fantasmic will reopen on 7-17 but there are no times listed. Does anyone know when they used to have the shows in past summers? They usually have 2 shows in the summer evenings, correct?

In the past they did have two shows. One right before the fireworks and one after. This is exciting news. We will be at DLR at that time, so I will also be keeping an eye out for it. I wonder if it will alternate with the ELP though. There are two parades scheduled at night.

I checked and the hours are now posted for Fantasmic. It looks it is daily with the following times
Fantasmic! - Returning July 17th
9:00 PM, 10:30 PM, 11:30 PM

I wonder if they will do the dessert party like they have for WOC.

Thanks! 3 shows - wow! That’s wise, it is going to be crowded even with 3 shows. I think they have had dessert parties in the past but they were different than the WOC one. From what I’ve read, the party was before the show and you got a fast pass for it. I don’t think they can seat people for the show because there isn’t as much space as at WOC, but I’m not sure.