Fantasmic plan

Can anyone help with a best plan of action to see both Fantasmic and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular in the same night - on at 8.30 and 9… it will be tough, I know.

You’ll have to sit right round near the exit and miss the last few minutes, which is when all the characters come out on the boats.

Then high tail it back and up Hollywood Blvd towards the arches.

Even then, you may not be able to see the projections very well. You need to be either in front of the arches or at least centre on so you can see both sides. Otherwise it just becomes a fireworks show and not a very good one at that. Which is why I don’t recommend it.

The Star Wars show is designed as a projections show. They have scaled back the fireworks drastically, and as a result many people who try to do what you want to do end up feeling disappointed. And as well, you miss the finale of Fantasmic.


Thanks for this… sounds like the best plan is to enjoy the full Fantasmic show and then stroll over afterwards and maybe catch a few fireworks on the way out?

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