Fantasmic Package or Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party?

We are going to WDW this March. If you had to choose which is the better deal, Fantasmic Package or Wishes Fireworks Dessert, which would you choose? Please give a couple of reasons why.

I am going to be very objective here. Is Fantasmic important to you? Then I would say Fantasmic. You get a good meal and center seats. You also can skip that crazy line that starts an hour before the show (just to get a seat that is not center).

I do not care for Fantasmic. I love Wishes. I will never book the Fanstamic Dinner Package but I know a FP for Wishes can get me a good view.

I like both- but Fantasmic is a better relative ‘value’ unless you are really into desserts- as if you are not, then you are paying a whole lot of money for a good viewing area for Wishes. Like the PP, we are planning to get FP+s for Wishes, and already have a Fantasmic dinner package booked.