Fantasmic or Star Wats Spectacular?

Unless they add. 7pm Fantasmic, it looks like we may have to choose between the 9pm Fantasmic or 930pm Star Wars Spectacular in June. Which would you choose??

We’ve only been to HS the once, so faced with the same decision, we chose Fantasmic as the “classic” and many say “best” nighttime show. But it’s pretty easy to leave Fantasmic and walk back out to the central plaza to see a decent view of the fireworks - there are cast members with big signs directing you where to go.


We were faced with the same dilemma a few weeks ago, but we managed to do both.

We sat in the far back row nearest the exit for Fantasmic, and we left just ahead of the crowds to line up for Star Wars. Since we had seen Fantasmic many times before, we didn’t mind the seats further away from the front (it was actually pretty relaxing since we had the entire section to ourselves; we stood on the seats and were able to see without any problems). We were able to get to Star Wars before the start, and we were able to get a pretty good position for seeing it, too. (We were center, but further back from GMR.)

Hope this helps!


I’d say if you have kids, Fantasmic. Especially if it’s a busy time. One thing I didn’t like when I was a kid, and also watching my 8yr old struggling with - nighttime show viewing. It’s a nature of the beast. When you’re short, you’re kinda screwed, unless you luck into, or stake out a good spot. Fantasmic is in a seated amphitheater. No major issues with view for kids.

If you and the kids are major SW fans, consider springing for the dessert party as a special treat.

My kiddos are 14 and 17. But the 17 year old DD is only 5ft tall. I had not thought about the option to tackle both. That may be a possibility. They have both seen Fantasmic when they were little,but do not remember it.

Fantasmic for us. Like Star Wars but not huge fans. However when it come a to the Mouse! We’re there! Having said that we left Fantasmic and walked over to the street in front of Trolley Car cafe and watched the SW fireworks from the start. We didn’t rush out just wandered over and happened to get there right on time.