Fantasmic! FPP

I haven’t seen this question asked in a while:

If I want to go to Fantasmic! at HS, it appears I have three options:

  1. Purchase a dining package
  2. Use one of my 3 advance FPP
  3. Book a same-day FPP

Is option 3 viable, and if so, until what time about? I will be in HS in early June 2020 so it should be fairly busy. I’d like to be able to use multiple SD FPP if possible rather than having one advance FPP tied up in an evening show. I’m spoiled by DLR where the shows are disconnected from the rest of the system!

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You actually have a 4th option and one that most people who attend take. That’s simply to show up in standby. Personally, I would never get a FP for Fantasmic. I have never had trouble getting a seat as long as you get there 30 minutes or so ahead of time.


Getting a same day FPP for F! isn’t really difficult. With the new Tiers it may go a bit faster, but if you book it by late afternoon / midday you should be fine.

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I would go standby-don’t lock up the FP on Fantasmic. Unless you are dead set on being in the FP line when they let you in and you want to sit low centerish…

This will give you an idea of the fast pass section-fast forward to about 6:00 minutes in: Do You Really Need a Fantasmic FastPass? | Friday Feels at Hollywood Studios - YouTube


I agree with the others too. However, I’m interested in how FPP availability will be after 8/29/19 when, basically, everything becomes Tier 1 except these shows.

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Can you save seats in Fantasmic if one person in your party has FP and the rest of your party waits standby.

People save seats all the time-especially when they are going to get snacks & drinks. So I did a solo trip in June (there for work) and picked up a FP for Fantasmic while I was eating dinner (Friday night). I got there at the FP time and they had already let FP in & standby. Throw in the dining package people-and the seating was 1/2 full. I still almost top center stage. I think it was about 8:15is when I got there.

@Dole_Whip Thanks i think i will do that. we can do a TOT fastpass with a child swap and save the extra FP for a Fantasmic and save a few seats.